Scott (ascottwhite) wrote,

A Modest Request

Okay, I've been thinking about bringing this up for some time. I don't ask a lot from you people. I let you read the things I write, and I even take the time to read the comments you post. Often I will respond to these comments. Add to this the fact that I even read the things that you people write. Sure, I often enjoy what you've written, but not always. When I enjoy what you've written, I will post a comment and tell you so. I do all of this without complaint.

I do not think it's unreasonable, therefore, to expect certain behaviors in return. These behaviors include:

1. When I have time to get on-line and comment on your posts, I expect quick responses to my comments. These responses should be appropriately funny or supportive as applicable.

2. When I have more free time and visit your blog multiple times in the course of a few minutes, I expect new material to read with each visit.

3. I expect appropriately appreciative and adoring comments to my posts, especially the good ones.

These are reasonable requests. I expect your full cooperation in these matters.

Thanks. Love.

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